Sad news (8/8/15)

Golden Glove wishes to advise that very sadly, due to personal circumstances, we have cancelled our season of “Even Eskimos Have Blood”. We will not be performing at any festivals.

We would though like to say a very special thank you to a few of the people who have helped in the lead up to now:

Our production team: Gemma Mealin, Julie Jones and Nicky Tanner for your time, generosity, insight and gentleness.

To Nick Beck for your awesome set design.

To Eleanor and Brad Hayden, Barb and Trev Gowlett, Steve and Steph Beck, Wally Adams, Nicky Tanner and Casey Berends, for your help with props.

To Tony Erhardt for your assistance and kindness with music.

To Ros Johnson, Steve Pimm, Craig Taylor and Anna McMahon for your absolute understanding, kindness and friendship.

To our theatre friends and colleagues for your support and encouragement and for having our backs.

To our supportive friends who had booked tickets or planned to come to see one of our shows, and wished us luck.

And to our dear family and friends who have not seen us while we’ve been locked away through the rehearsal period yet supported us and understood when we’ve had to say over and over: “I can’t, I have rehearsal.” :)

We are deeply disappointed about this but we’ll carry on.

“Don’t let today’s disappointments cast a shadow on tomorrow’s dreams.”?


Opening night cancelled (1/8/15)

Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, Golden Glove Productions will NOT be performing at Beenleigh this weekend. We are genuinely sorry for the inconvenience this has caused to BTG, our audiences and fellow circuit theatre groups. ‘Eskimos’ will instead now premiere at Ipswich next weekend. Our Current Shows page will be updated accordingly today. Thank you for your understanding.


Our new play :) (28/7/15)

And here it is! 5 sleeps before opening night, here’s the details for our new play! We’ve had our heads down bums up rehearsing it, but we had to come up for air quickly to share the details with you otherwise we won’t have anyone to actually perform to! Locations and dates are on our Current Shows page and will continue to be updated there as we get scheduled.

ggp 3


Just one week till Opening Night! (26/7/15)

A good dress rehearsal makes Kate smile! One week till Opening Night! #eskimos15

ggp 2


Three weeks to go! (12/7/15)

Sunday rehearsals … 3 weeks till Opening Night! :)

ggp 1


New show for 2015! (29/6/15)

Golden Glove Productions are so very excited to announce that we are back with a new show in 2015.

It turned out that it was far too agonising to not be on stage when we had a small break last year. We couldn’t be away any longer, so are back with a brand new script and production set to to hit the stage very soon.

“Even Eskimos Have Blood”, written by Kate Beck, will premiere at the start of August on the South East Queensland Drama Festival Circuit. Watch this space for more details coming soon.




World premiere after two years in the making! (26/6/13)

“Lights, Camera, Spandex!” has now opened!  World premiering at the Murrumba Drama Festival on Sunday 23rd June, the cast and crew took out the Premiers Cup for Best Contribution to the Festival.  Congratulations team for your hard work and dedication.  We got offstage and immediately missed performing and wanted to go back and do it all over again!  That’s gotta say something!  Just 2 weeks until our next show, at Act 1 at Strathpine.  Go team CKEGJ!


Happy 18th Birthday to our Best Actress! (2012)

Happy 18th Birthday to our beautiful, talented best actress Sarah! We hope you have the most special day & wonderful year ahead. We acted with you as a kid yesterday, next show we’ll be acting with an adult! :) Congratulations on turning 18. Love and best wishes from Kate, Reagan and Golden Glove Productions xo



Beautiful Beenleigh (2012)

Congratulations to our lovely Sarah and Reagan for their results in “Level 12” at the Beenleigh Drama Festival! Sarah won Best Actress in a Comedic Role and Reagan won Best Supporting Male Actor. These two shine both on and off stage and we are so very proud of you. Thank you to BTG for your hospitality and welcome, it was, as always, a fantastic festival. And Happy 9th Birthday Golden Glove! :)


Beenleigh change of time (2012)

Level 12 @Crete St Theatre @Beenleigh will be on at 10am on Sunday (not 9am as previously advertised). See you there… Kick off your Sunday morning with some laughs!


Next stop on the festival train! (2012)

Next stop, Beenleigh! Level 12 will be on Sunday 5th August, check out the link for more details.


XS Entertainment: Brisbane Arts results (2012)

Check out the lovely Xanthe (Xanthe Coward, Brisbane Arts adjudicator) notes about the festival:


Brisbane Arts results (2012)

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Level 12 which performed at Brisbane Arts this weekend. Reagan Warner won Best Actor in a Comedy and the team won Best Backstage Conduct- nice work Reagan and team! And a very special award went to Nick Beck for his set creation of the elevator in Level 12, winning Most Creative Set Design!

We asked Nick if he could design an elevator frame that could be set up in 10min., striked in 5min., fit onto 9 different stages and be collapsable enough to be packed into a Toyota Yaris. We asked, and he created! Well done Nick! Nick and Bronte Salmond also added some extra supports to the set this year to make it even more safe and sturdy than it already was. Thank you for your creativity, generosity and design work.

And just to make this award even more special, this is the Jo Peirce Memorial Shield, our beloved friend and mentor who we are sure was watching us from her seat all weekend. We said the show was for you Jo xx


Dalby Dreams: floating on a cloud (2012)

The Town of Dreams really lived up to its name! Wow. What an amazing weekend. We’re all really excited and still walking on air. When you stand onstage after the curtains close immediately after a show and you are just hugging your team and grinning so much your face hurts, you know you can be proud. So then what happened next was just amazing.

“Level 12” won Best Play, Best Australian Play, Most Entertaining Play, Best Actor Female (Sarah Greenwood) and Best Actor Male (Reagan Warner) at the Dalby Drama Festival. We are overwhelmed by this, but even moreso by the audience’s feedback and our friends support. Thank you everyone for such an amazing weekend. But a huge thank you must go to some very special people.

Thank you to our amazing cast, Reagan and Sarah. These 2 actors are full of talent, integrity, respect and commitment. Words can’t say enough to thank them. They are beautiful people inside, and shining stars on the stage. Thank you from the bottom of Golden Glove’s heart. When adjudicator’s talk about whether the cast have justified the playwright’s vision? Please know that you have both done this one hundred fold and I am extremely proud.

Also a big thank you to Courtney Mayhew for stepping up to be our Sound and Lighting Director, Shirley and Mark Lucas for your 3rd eye directorial and set help, and to John McMahon, Sarah McMahon, Anna McMahon, Elodie Boal, Gary Farmer, Susan O’Toole Cridland, John Sayles, Kath Kunde, Aaron Evans and everyone who has and continues to support Golden Glove on the Level (20)12 journey. There were a lot of people we didn’t get a chance to thank yesterday or on here who we should have. Please know that your help would never be forgotten and that every kind word or offer of encouragement or support is what spurs us on. Thank you everyone.

The theatre family + The Town of Dreams + indulgent pink bras = massive smiles. :)

(Left-Right: Reagan Warner, Kate Beck, Karen Crone, Sarah Greenwood, Courtney Mayhew)
Sarah and Reagan do us proud at Act 1

The lift is open! (2012)

Opening ‘Night’ is done – Level 12 is officially on the circuit. :) A huge thank you to Act 1 for holding a fantastic festival and thank you to everyone who supported us in many ways, in the lead up and on the ‘night’. Annnnnd, a HUGE congratulations to Sarah Greenwood and Reagan Warner. These 2 did us proud! Reagan was nominated for Best Performance Comedy – Male, and Sarah was nominated for Best Performance Comedy – Female! GGP’s little dynamic duo! AND Sarah was awarded a Certificate of Distinction. Pretty impressive for her very first festival – go Sarah! Thank you team for your commitment and hard work. Next stop, Dalby road trip! See you next week!


1 sleep until Opening ‘Night’! (2012)



Introducing Sarah Greenwood (2012)

Introducing Sarah Greenwood to Golden Glove Productions. Playing Florinda Gaenor



Introducing Reagan Warner (2012)

Introducing Reagan Warner to Golden Glove Productions. Playing Jackson Spencer in ‘Level 12’, opening this weekend. Dedicated. Talented. Considerate. Committed. GGP’s leading man.


Level 12 v.2012! (2012)



Opening on a floor near you! (2012)



Exciting announcement! (2012)

Golden Glove Productions is excited to announce that in 2012 we will be producing our favourite, “Level 12”, for the SEQ Drama Festival circuit. New and improved, fresh and updated, our new version will be a brand new production that we can’t wait to show to audiences.  Watch this space…Level (20)12 opens in just over 5 weeks!  M, Jackson and Flor will see you in a theatre soon. :)



Merry Christmas from Golden Glove Productions (2011)

Merry Christmas and a very happy and fulfilling (& theatre filled) new year in 2012 to you and your families from Golden Glove Productions. Thank you for your support throughout 2011. :) And to our beautiful Angel, we know you’ll be watching over us at Christmas and always.



Good night, Punch (2011)

After 3 and a half months of shows, 11 performances over 10 theatres, from country Dalby to the tropical South Pacific and in between, and picking up 27 awards, “Punch” is over. Thankyou to our amazing cast and production team for your commitment, support and damn hard work. Thankyou to those who came to see it and to everyone who helped in some way. It has been an awesome 6 month ride and it doesn’t feel real yet that it’s over. We had our first curtain call tonight…apt for the final show. :) …This is Abcde signing out. Good night, “Punch”. ♥


Only ONE more show! (2011)

For some CHEAP PUNCH, don’t miss out on our LAST SHOW! Playing this Sunday at Brisbane Arts Theatre! Cheap Punch at it’s best, it will only cost you $2! That’s right, gold coin donation only. Sunday 23rd October at 7:30pm. You don’t even have to book, just show up! AND we feed you! Supper is included, plus 2 original plays by Brisbane playwrights! It just gets better! 210 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane. Be there or be a star! ♥



We’re back from paradise! (2011)

Punch is back from the Norfolk Island Theatre Festival: Theatre in Paradise! It was, as always, an amazing week filled with friends, theatre, sunsets, shooting stars and fantastic times in the South Pacific. Congratulations to John Sayles for picking up Best Male Actor Runner Up! Punch also got nominated for Best Production and Kate Beck was nominated for Best Actress and the Adjudicators Award. Thankyou to NATS and congratulations to all the competitors- part of our heart remains in Norfolk! :)



Extended season! (2011)

GGP are excited to announce AN EXTENDED SEASON! An extra performance has been added. 2 more shows left – one in the South Pacific, one in Brisbane – which one will you go to? :) Just 2 more chances to check out the show that is PUNCH! :)

The Brisbane show is being held at the Brisbane Arts Theatre, Sunday 23rd October at 7:30pm. Gold coin donation only, no bookings necessary! Supper is included, plus 2 original plays by Brisbane playwrights! See you there!



Yarrageh result (2011)

2nd Best Play at Yarrageh!!!



Don’t miss out!  Just one more Australian show! (2011)

There is just one show left in Australia – you have just one more chance to see brand new comedy, PUNCH! After this you will need a passport to see it!

Comments about PUNCH: “Punch…succeeded beautifully” … “excellent actors with great comic timing” … “dynamic duo!” … “courageously comic performance” … “real roustabout of a comedy” … “Punch was…like a theme park in action”.

Don’t miss out on PUNCH: your worst hangover. Playing at Toombul this Saturday at 1:30pm! Check out the Current Shows page for more details. See you there!


Punch does it again! (2011)

PUNCH performed at the KSP Drama Festival on the weekend and took out 2nd Best Play, Best Male Actor Comedy (John Sayles) and Best Female Actor Comedy (Kate Beck)! Go team! Also a HUGE congrats to our awesome body, Peter Carmichael, for winning Best Male Actor Drama for A New York Minute!


2 more at the Sunny Coast! (2011)

Congrats PUNCH team, great show at the Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival on the weekend. Well done John (Best Supporting Actor Comedy Male) and Kate (Certificate of Distinction). Thankyou Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance for your hospitality and hard work – great festival!


Acting it up at Ipswich! (2011)

“Punch” performed at the Ipswich Drama Festival on the weekend: great festival, great camaraderie and great show (& awesome S-Troupe!) and were lucky enough to pick up Best Actor in a Comedy Role (John Sayles) and Best Actress in a Comedy Role (Kate Beck). Well done “Punch” team!

Onto the Sunshine Coast next weekend!


Ipswich this weekend! (2011)

Golden Glove Productions are excited to be performing at the Incinerator Theatre at Ipswich this weekend!  Skip along and see “Punch” this Saturday at 2:30pm!  Bookings: (07) 3281 0555



3 more at Beenleigh! (2011)

Awesome festival once again at Beenleigh- they always do a great job. “Punch” picked up 3rd Best Play, Best Comedy Actor Male (John Sayles) and an Adjudicators Award (Kate Beck). A huge thankyou to Peter Carmichael for your generosity- you are a true performer and friend. AND Happy 8th Birthday to Golden Glove Productions! It all began at Beenleigh this day in 2003 :) Thankyou everyone for your support this weekend xo



Lighting up in Brisbane (2011)

What a weekend! “Punch” won Best Play, Best Australian Play, Best Actor – Male (John Sayles) and the very special Georgia Levi McBride “Guiding Light” award (Kate Beck) at the Brisbane Arts Theatre Drama Festival. We are all very excited! Dedicated to our very wonderful director, Jo Peirce. And Georgia, I will keep your beautiful light shining. Thankyou to everyone for supporting us: our families, theatre family and our friends. You are making this journey incredible. Congratulations Jo, Dale, Gerrard, John, Mick and Janelle and thankyou Brisbane Arts Theatre X



Top notch night of theatre (2011)

Don’t miss the opportunity to see 4 award winning plays in the one place this Saturday night in Brisbane: ALL plays written by Queensland playwrights! Go Queensland! “God Goes To a Shrink” by SAD Theatre, “Roulette” by Hills Players, “Punch” by Golden Glove Productions and “Vectura” by Excalibur Theatre Company. Kicking off at 7pm at Brisbane Arts Theatre. Reserve your seats now on 3369 2344!


Awesome results at Murrumba (2011)

Congratulations to the cast and crew of “Punch”! 5 awards at Murrumba on the weekend! More details below. Make sure you don’t miss our BRISBANE show THIS SATURDAY NIGHT. Brisbane Arts Theatre Drama Festival: 7pm, Saturday 30th July, Brisbane Arts Theatre, 210 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane, Bookings: (07) 3369 2344

Murrumba Drama Festival results: 3rd Best Play, Best Comedy Actor (John Sayles), Best Comedy Actress (Kate Beck), Adjudicators Certificate (Jo Peirce) and Premiers Cup – Best Contribution to the Festival (Kate Beck).


Don’t miss out! (2011)

‘Punch’ is a show not to miss! Playing at the following locations:

REDCLIFFE (Murrumba Drama Festival): 7pm, Saturday 23rd July, Redcliffe Showgrounds, Lamington Drive, Redcliffe,

BRISBANE (Brisbane Arts Theatre Drama Festival): 7pm, Saturday 30th July, Brisbane Arts Theatre, 210 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane, Bookings: (07) 3369 2344, Tickets = $10

BEENLEIGH (Beenleigh Festival of One Act Plays): 7pm, Saturday 6th August, Crete Street Theatre, Corner Crete and Kent Streets, Beenleigh, www.beenleightheatregroup.​com Bookings: (07) 3287 1377, Tickets = $8

IPSWICH (Ipswich Little Theatre Drama Festival): 2:30pm, Saturday 13th August, Incinerator Theatre, Burley Griffin Drive (off Griffiths Road), Ipswich, www.ipswichlittletheatre.c​ Bookings: (07) 3281 0555

BUDERIM (Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival): 7pm, Saturday 20th August, Buderim War Memorial Hall, Cnr. Main Road and Gloucester Road, Buderim,

BURPENGARY (KSP Drama Festival): between Friday 26th-Sunday 28th August, KSP Theatre, Corner Old Bay Road and Maitland Road, Burpengary, Bookings: (07) 3888 8580, Tickets = $10

TOOMBUL (Yarrageh Drama Festival): between Saturday 3rd-Sunday 4th September, Toombul Shire Hall, 1141 Sandgate Road, Toombul,



5 awards at Act 1! (2011)

Congratulations to the cast and crew of PUNCH! 5, yes, FIVE awards picked up at the Act 1 Theatrefest! Best Play 1st Runner Up, Best Performance in a Comedy – Male (John Sayles), Best Performance in a Minor Role (Michael Martin), Adjudicators Award (Kate Beck), and Certificate of Distinction (Jo Peirce). What a top weekend! Thankyou to everyone for your support :)



Show #2! (2011)

Break a leg to all ‘Punch-ers’ for tonights show at Act 1 – show # 2, let’s show them what we can do!


Whoohoo! (2011)

‘Punch’ won Most Entertaining Play at the Dalby Drama Festival! And John was nominated for Best Actor and Kate was nominated for Best Actress. Congrats team!!!



It’s OPENING NIGHT! (2011)

2 years of battling, 7 months of thinking, 3 weeks of writing, 2 days of casting, 6 weeks of rehearsals, 6 weeks of sourcing props, set and costumes and it all comes down to tonight. ‘Punch’ goes live- opening night – world premiere….Golden Glove is back. Let’s give it all we’ve got!!! Chookas to the gang!



Dates! (2011)

Golden Glove Productions presents PUNCH – world premiere season! To catch our latest comedy, here are the current show dates. Extra details are in comments. Not all dates are here, we will update as we can. Catch us at:

  1. DALBY: 7pm, Saturday 9th July
  2. STRATHPINE: 7pm, Saturday 16th July
  3. REDCLIFFE: 7pm, Saturday 23rd July
  4. BRISBANE: 7pm, Saturday 30th July (tentative)
  5. BEENLEIGH: 7pm, Saturday 6th August
  6. IPSWICH: between Friday 12th and Sunday 14th August
  7. BUDERIM: between Friday 19th and Sunday 21st August
  8. BURPENGARY: between Friday 26th and Sunday 28th August
  9. TOOMBUL: between Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th September


Opening night looming! (2011)

Golden Glove Productions are very excited! In a mere 3 sleeps, we will be performing the WORLD PREMIERE of our brand new comedy, “Punch”, in the Town of Dreams, Dalby. This is Golden Glove’s 1st new production in a whole 2 years so we are full of butterflies, very excited and raring to go! Thankyou everyone for your support. Kisses, wishes and dreams coming true to each and every one of you… xx

11 sleeps! (2011)

‘Punch’ is…cuddling shopping trolleys in your neighbours swimming pool… 11 sleeps to go!

1 month to go! (2011)

‘Punch’ opens 1 month today! See you in a theatre soon!

Opening 9th July (2011)

‘Punch’ is…wearing a nappy while stealing lipstick cases… OPENING 9th JULY




Punch! (2011)

‘Punch’ is…spinning on your chair, handcuffed to a Snow Leopard, missing an eyebrow, while regurgitating roadkill. Naked. Welcome to…



New show! (2011)

Golden Glove Productions are proud to announce their brand new comedy, “Punch”, written by Kate Beck, opening in 6 weeks in a theatre near you! You heard it here first! More details to come. :)



Glass of Water (2010)

There’s a glass of water that was put down in 2009 and has only recently been picked up again. :) This glass of water is poignant, a culmination of a build up of sorts.

Sometimes to carry on we need to put our glass of water down for a while, take a deep breath, and hold out for hope. Golden Glove Productions has done just that, and is now ready and raring to go!

Since our last update, we’ve completed the 2009 season of “Cry Me a Wolf”, winning 5 more awards: Best Actor and Actress in a Drama (Tim Lucas and Kate Beck) at the Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival, Best Actress (Kate Beck), Best Original Script and Fred Hobbs Memorial Award (Tim Lucas) at the KSP Drama Festival.

We also slipped in a new show, “Say What?” and toured that to the Norfolk Island Theatre Festival last October. Janelle Kerr, Mick Martin and Kate Beck took GGP over to Theatre in Paradise for the second time, with Kate receiving the Adjudicators Award.

We also had the pleasure of seeing five productions of Kate Beck plays: “Something Blue” premiered by Hills Players and again at Sunnybank Theatre Company, “Level 12” at Javeenbah Theatre Company and Hills Players, and “For The Love of Kyle” by Norfolk Island Central School.

And that’s where we left off. 2010 has seen GGP put the glass down and take a break, recharging our energy ready to meet 2011 with open arms.

Thank you to all of our supporters. Golden Glove is preparing a brand new play, set to premiere in July 2011. Keep an eye on our Current Shows page for details closer to the date.

We’ve picked up our water again, are excited, and can’t wait to see you soon!



3x3x3 (2009)

Three awards at three festivals in three weeks…Golden Glove Productions has been performing “Cry Me a Wolf” at Act 1 Theatrefest, Beenleigh Festival of One Act Plays and Ipswich Little Theatre’s One Act Play Festival over the past few weeks.

Kate Beck won a Certificate of Commendation at Act 1 and an Adjudicators Award at Beenleigh. AND at Beenleigh, Tim Lucas took home the Gregory’s Shield for the Best Performer under 18! Well done Tim! You are a total star.

Thankyou to our festival family and the organiser’s for making the festivals so enjoyable. Next stop is Buderim on the Sunshine Coast on Saturday 22nd August. Come and see what is causing tongues to ripple and whispers to shine…have a look at the Current Shows page for more details. In the words of Annie:

“You’ll work like a fighter, then fall like the rain…so what’s it gonna be?”


Act 1
Act 1


Town of Dreams 2009 Result (2009)

The much anticipated tour to the outback “Town of Dreams”, aka Dalby, Queensland, rolled around on the 11th and 12th of July.  Tour buses were packed and the procession began to bring our creations out to our beloved country audiences.

After a great show of “Cry Me a Wolf”, our dynamo Tim Lucas held the torch for Golden Glove Productions, winning the Junior Incentive Award for his portrayal of Mason.  A MUCH deserved award, Tim is moving in leaps and bounds.  Congratulations Tim!  Thankyou to the Dalby community for making us again feel welcome, and to our supportive theatre family for your love and another great weekend.

Next stop on the tour bus is the Act 1 Theatrefest at Strathpine, this Friday night 24th July.  Check out the Current Shows page for times and details.  We hope to see you in an audience soon!



Two-Up (2009)

Golden Glove Productions presented the world premiere of “Cry Me a Wolf” at the Murrumba Drama Festival on Saturday the 6th of June.

The feedback we received was prize enough, but we were further surprised and thankful to be awarded two Adjudicator’s Awards, for Tim Lucas and Kate Beck.

Thank you to those who came and supported us, and to those who gave us faith in ourselves…you know who you are.  We are spurred on to achieve even more at the next 8 performances. Next stop is Dalby, over the weekend of the 11th and 12th of July. 

Keep checking the Current Shows page for details about Dalby and future performances.  Thank you once again for supporting Golden Glove Productions, and our newest venture, “Cry Me a Wolf”.



World Premiere of “Cry Me a Wolf”! (2009)

Golden Glove Productions are proud to announce the world premiere of “Cry Me a Wolf” – premiering Saturday night, 6th June 2009 at Mousetrap Theatre, Redcliffe Showgrounds, Lamington Drive, Redcliffe. Session starts at 7pm. Be the first to see it!

“Grit is the word. Compelling, raw and bold, “Cry Me a Wolf” suspends you into the underground world of survival. Unruly characters amidst a backdrop of desperation have nothing to hide and everything to lose. This psychological drama pulls no punches, and will have you unwillingly transfixed. Can crying wolf in fact be a cry for help?”

Keep checking the Current Shows page for details about future performances, but in the meantime, come and check out the premiere!



Golden Glove makes its mark in the South Pacific! (2008)

In the (very) early hours of September 29th, Golden Glove’s Janelle and Kate were whisked off to the incredible Norfolk Island for a week long Norfolk Island Theatre Festival.  Performing the 2006 production of “Cravin'”, this time directed by Aaron Sweeney, the girls were treated to a myriad of amazing experiences.  The hospitable and welcoming locals, the untouched paradise that Norfolk is and the theatre events created a week of memories and glorious moments of truth!

“Cravin'” exceeded all of our expectations and was extremely well received.  AND, to top it all off, Janelle was awarded the Trans Tasman Best Supporting Actress award for her portrayal of Aimee!  Congratulations Janelle, and thankyou for your commitment, support, and for putting Golden Glove on the international map! :)

This was our last performance for 2008.  It’s been a huge year, performing “Countdown”, “Level 12” and “Cravin”, travelling to Yeppoon and Norfolk Island as well as the regular SE Queensland circuit, as well as a few extra performances thrown in to the mix.  Golden Glove is looking forward to a short break over Christmas, but will also be in preparations for next year’s production.

Thankyou to all of our supporters and members, 2008 has been our most successful year to date, and the experiences we’ve shared have propelled us to new heights.  We look forward to entertaining you in 2009!

And once again, congratulations to our Best Supporting Actress, Janelle Kerr!



23 Reasons To Smile (2008)

“Level 12” has been put to bed…for now. Golden Glove Productions competed in the Brisbane Arts Theatre Drama Festival on the 13th September, the last festival of South East QLD circuit. Logie Award winner Carol Burns adjudicated and awarded “Level 12” Third Best Play. A lovely finish to an awesome season.

“Level 12” has won 23 awards throughout this year’s circuit, play awards, directing awards, acting awards and more. (See the Awards page for a full list). Golden Glove Productions is absolutely over the rainbow about this success and thanks everyone who was involved in making this happen. Dale, Andrea, John, Nick, Janelle, Mick, Aaron, Angela, Lou, Kate, thankyou for your constant support and hard work in making the ‘elevator play’ come to life. And a massive thankyou to all of our festival friends and loyal audience supporters- your feedback, encouragement, love and personal passion has helped us along the last 6 months and ‘elevated’ us to places we didn’t know existed.

Next on the cards for GGP is the Norfolk Island Theatre Festival- actors Janelle Kerr and Kate Beck will be jetting over to the island next week to perform “Cravin’”, directed by Aaron Sweeney. Check this page to see how we go in GGP’s first international performance!

Thankyou once again to everyone who has supported GGP and “Level 12” in any way.  The friendship and support we have been shown this year outshines any else.




Golden Glove on the radio! (2008)

Tune into 4BC 1116AM tonight, Tuesday 9th September 2008, at 10:30pm- John Sayles and Kate Beck, actors from GGP’s current show, “Level 12”, will be on air promoting “Level 12” and the Brisbane Arts Theatre Drama Festival!



3D Round-up! (2008)

It’s been another big month in the land of GGP.  We’ve had 3 more drama festivals, a One Act weekend, a production has been completed and we’ve started rehearsals for a new project.

Ipswich Little Theatre Drama Festival was held over the weekend of the 9th and 10th of August.  It was again a fantastic festival, although we didn’t pick up any awards for “Level 12”.  Golden Glove Productions’ script “Say What?” has been produced by the

Hills Players Inc. over the 2008 circuit, and they have been doing wonderfully well along the way.  The shows stars, Peter Carmichael and Joanne Prove, have picked up a swag of awards including Best Actor in a Comedy Role and Best Actress in a Comedy Role at the Ipswich Little Theatre Drama Festival.  Well done to Peter, Joanne and Hills Players!  For more information on the script of “Say What?”, check out the Scripts page.

On the weekend of the 15th and 16th August, Golden Glove Productions joined forces with KSP Theatre, Excalibur Theatre Company and Kicka Productions to produce a weekend of One Act Plays.  GGP performed “Countdown” for the final two times (at this stage!) :)

On the weekend of 23rd and 24th August, GGP performed “Level 12” at the Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival. It was an amazing, eventful and excitedly dramatic weekend.  “Level 12” was awarded 4 awards by Aussie actress and adjudicator, Rebecca Frith: Certificate of Commendation (Kate Beck), Best Supporting Actor – Female (Andrea Carne), Best Actor in a Comedy – Male (John Sayles) and 3rd Best Play!  GGP has never managed to pick up any awards at the Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival in previous years, so what a way to crack it!

The weekend of 30th and 31st August saw GGP competing in the Yarrageh Drama Festival at Sandgate and “Level 12” picked up 2nd Best Play!

With the 2008 production of “Countdown” completed, GGP isn’t content with one project running at once, so they have started rehearsals for a reprise of 2006’s “Cravin'”.  Actors Janelle Kerr and Kate Beck, under the direction of Aaron Sweeney, are producing this specifically to take over to the Norfolk Island Theatre Festival at the end of September.  We will keep you updated on this production, GGP’s 1st international show!

In the meantime, you have just ONE chance left to catch the award winning “Level 12” before it is wrapped up for the year.  GGP are performing this at the Brisbane Arts Theatre Drama Festival this Saturday night, 13th September, at 7:30pm.  Make sure you don’t miss this stellar comedy!  See the Current Shows page for details.

Also Golden Glove Productions now has a Facebook page!  Check it out and join up at:



Wow x6 (2008)

Words can not express the result of the Beenleigh Festival of One Act Plays, that “Level 12” entered over the weekend of 2-3 August 2008.  Well actually words can describe it:  “Best Play, Best Director (Dale Murison), Best Director of the Festival (Redhead’s Shield) (Dale Murison), Best Actor – Female (Kate Beck), Best Original Australian Work, Best Australian Play of the Festival”.  How does that sound??  Yes, they are the words to describe it!

The cast and crew are blown away with this result- by far Golden Glove Productions’ most successful festival to date (and interestingly enough, it was exactly 5 years to the DAY of GGP’s 1st ever festival!) and making “Level 12” GGP’s most successful play to date.  What a way to celebrate a 5 year festival anniversary!

A massive thankyou to just everyone…sorry, words are not coming easily! :)  Catch us next weekend at the Ipswich Little Theatre One Act Play Festival!  Details: Current Shows.



The Circle (2008)

The cast and crew of “Level 12” performed at the KSP Drama Festival and the Act 1 Theatrefest over the past two weekends.  Nothing was picked up at KSP, but Act 1 circled back and shocked and ecstatic, they received Best Play – Runner Up, Best Performance in a Comedy – Male (John Sayles) and Best Performance in a Comedy – Female (Kate Beck).

Again an awesome couple of festivals, highlighted by awesome team spirit amongst all ‘competing’ groups, and proving a LOT.  Well done to “Level 12” and to all other festival groups, KSP and Act 1!



Level 12 does it again! (2008)

After a 5 week break, the cast and crew of “Level 12” jumped on the tour bus and headed out to the country town of wonderment and dreams, Dalby, for the 2008 Dalby Drama Festival over the weekend of 12th and 13th July.

Another amazing outcome, with being awarded Second Best Play, Most Entertaining Play, Best Actor – Female (Kate Beck) and Best Supporting Actor – Female (Andrea Carne)!  It’s still sinking in but we’re stoked to say the least.  “Level 12” will be showing next at the KSP Drama Festival next Saturday night, 19th July.  Check the Current Shows page for details.

The weekend was one of “upliftment”, and glorious moments of truth, support and comradeship at it’s best.  A big thankyou and congratulations to all of the other groups and the Dalby Little Theatre team who made this weekend what it was.  Hearts bursting and shooting stars splitting into a gazillion stars, wonderment and phenomenon…

Congratulations :)



Level 12 premieres with a bang! (2008)

“Level 12” had its world premiere at the Murrumba Drama Festival over the June long weekend.  The feedback was amazing and the cast and crew were stunned to say the least to receive four awards!  Best New Play, Best New Unpublished Play, Best Comedy Actor (Male) (John Sayles) and Best Comedy Actor (Female) (Kate Beck)!  With such an amazing start, the cast and crew of “Level 12” can’t wait to get on the road again for the rest of the festival run.  The next performance is at Dalby- keep checking the Current Shows page for times and dates for this and other festivals.  Make sure you make it along if only to check out our amazing set by our brilliant set designer, Nick Beck!  This is one show not to be missed!

A big thankyou from the bottom of our hearts to Kurt and our theatre family for the overwhelming support and feedback at Murrumba.  You made unknown dreams a reality and elated us to move forward.  Thankyou. :)



Countdown success! (2008)

Golden Glove Productions performed in their first drama festival of the year at the Central Queensland Drama Festival in Yeppoon.  A beautiful town, warm people and fantastic support saw “Countdown” take out two awards- Best Production – Runner Up, and Best Female Actor for Kate Beck!  Directed by Mark and Shirley Lucas, “Countdown” was reprised especially for Yeppoon after first being produced back in 2003.

Thank you and well done to Mark, Shirley and Kate. :)



2008 ACT Q ACT Up Awards results! (2008)

Golden Glove Productions have won their first awards for 2008.  (Well, 1/4 and 1/3 of an award!)  Golden Glove was awarded Highly Commended in the “Best Set Design” category at the 2008 ACT Q ACT Up Awards for the 2007 production of “For The Love of Kyle”.  Well done to Laura, Ellen and Tim and all of our helpers for creating the difficult task of a car accident set on stage, that was not only realistic, but transportable and adaptable to 10 different theatres.

Also very exciting is that Natural Born Quillers, a collaboration of four Brisbane playwrights and their talented theatre companies; Excalibur Theatre Company, Front Row Theatre Company, Golden Glove and Pandora Productions; won 1st prize in the “Best Publicity” category at the ACT Up Awards for their production of “4Play”.  A real credit to the team work, hard work and dedication of an amazing group of people.  Natural Born Quillers’ Paul Hannah and Kate Beck were there to accept the awards on behalf of all of the Quillers.

Congratulations to everyone involved.





Playwrights in Bed Together for a Two Night Stand! (2007)

Mysterious, seductive, thrilling and a whole lot of fun – now how about that for a date!

Well, two dates actually.

The Natural Born Quillers proudly present 4Play for theatre-going audiences for two nights only.

Made up of Kate Beck, Pauline Davies, Paul Hannah and Mark Lucas, the Natural Born Quillers are a co-operative of local playwrights who are showcasing their latest productions for Brisbane audiences.

Fresh from the South-East Queensland drama festival circuit, the Quillers present 4Play, four award-winning one-act plays in conjunction with Front Row Theatre, Golden Glove Productions, Excalibur Theatre Company and Pandora Productions.

The four productions will provide audiences with a scintillating evening of comedy and contemporary drama that illustrates the depth of home-grown talent that abounds in Queensland’s great south-east.

4Play premieres at the Hamilton Town Hall, corner of Racecourse Road and Rossiter Parade, Hamilton on October 12 and 13. Bookings are essential and may be made by contacting 3861 0455 and leaving a message.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be blown away by a total live theatre experience.



Beginning of Spring, End of Festivals (2007)

Well the festival circuit is over for another year.  Melanostia abounding…but not quite yet.  Give us a week.

“For The Love of Kyle” performed at Sandgate’s Yarrageh Drama Festival on Saturday night and on Sunday were back in the game with 2 awards.

Kate Beck won Best Actress In a Drama, and an Adjudicators Award for writing “For The Love of Kyle”.

Congratulations to the cast and crew for the final festival performance of the year.  It has been a long, enjoyable journey and we hope melanostia doesn’t hit too hard.

There are still 2 more shows to go however, so all is not lost!  4Play, a production by the newly formed “Natural Born Quillers” will be premiering on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th October.  See the Current Shows page for more details.  This will be two nights of quality entertainment by talented and award winning local playwrights, fresh off the circuit.  Join us to celebrate the last performances of “Kyle” and to support local talent.

And thankyou for a successful and amazing festival run.  It was perfect. 



Triple Nil!!! (2007)

“For The Love of Kyle” has had a busy week squeezing in 3 festivals: Brisbane Arts Theatre Drama Festival, Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival and KSP Drama Festival.

Unfortunately they have not managed to pick up any awards at either festival, however have had some positive feedback, and most importantly, enjoyed the amazing festivals!

There is just one festival left before they take a 6 week break and regroup for “4Play” (more information to come), so make sure you get along to Sandgate this Saturday night for the Yarrageh Drama Festival.  Details can be found on the Current Shows  page.



Triple Treat!!! (2007)

In a moment that stunned the cast and crew of “For The Love of Kyle”, they were announced winners of “Best Production of an Australian Script” at the Ipswich Little Theatre One Act Play Festival! After having won this award now three times in a row, they are, as you can imagine, stoked, to say the least.

They were also presented with the Stage Managers Award, for being the most “professional ensemble backstage” which was a real credit and a lovely award to receive.

A big congrats also to TJ, who was the Runner-Up for Best Supporting Actor.

It was a lovely festival and again, very well organised, warm and social.

Congratulations to “For The Love of Kyle” – you’re on a “role”!

Make sure you catch this award winning play at the Brisbane Arts Theatre Drama Festival this Saturday night, or at the Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival on Sunday. Details can be found on the Current Shows page.



More Success! (2007)

After a three week break, the cast and crew performed “For The Love of Kyle” at the Beenleigh Drama Festival on Sunday 5th August.  And did they perform!

Still reeling from their win at Dalby, they were rapt to say the least to take out Best Australian Play again!

Congratulations to all involved, it was another successful festival.

Don’t forget to check the Current Shows page for details of upcoming performances, the next one being this coming Saturday night at the Ipswich Little Theatre Drama Festival.




Country Adulation! (2007)

“For The Love of Kyle” hit Dalby big time over the weekend of 14th and 15th July.

The festival was brilliant, the locals warm, the groups supportive, the atmosphere special and temperature not even that cold!  The cast and crew felt amazing after their performance, it was leaping smiles all round.

As if that wasn’t good enough, “For The Love of Kyle” was awarded Best Australian Play, and Tim took out Best Supporting Male Actor! Our little dynamo swept away actors three times his age. An extremely successful tour, and a weekend of dreams for us all.

Make sure you check out the dates for future performances on the Current Shows page and don’t miss this Best Australian Play!



3 of 2! (2007)

“For The Love of Kyle” performed at the Murrumba Drama Festival at Redcliffe’s Mousetrap Theatre on Sunday 10th June.

The 2nd performance went well (tears and fantastic surprise appearances included) and the Adjudicators Award was awarded to Kate Beck.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of the fondly dubbed “Kyle”, and also to the other festival groups who did absolutely amazing work.  You should be proud.

The next performance will be at the Dalby Drama Festival, over the weekend of 14th/15th July.  33 days until the tour bus is packed again!

Keep an eye on the Current Shows page for more information as it comes to hand.



New script! (2007)

“Sticks and Stones” is a new monologue for Golden Glove Productions.  Written by Kate Beck, “Sticks and Stones” has been created for 1F or 1M.  This drama is available for use for auditions, exams etc.

For more information, please contact Golden Glove Productions:


“For The Love of Kyle” World Premiere! (2007)

At 7:30pm, on Friday, 25th May, “For The Love of Kyle”, Golden Glove Production’s current production, premiered at Act 1 Theatre’s Theatrefest.

It managed to pick up two awards from the festival, a Certificate of Commendation (TJ Lucas) and the Adjudicators Award (Kate Beck).  It was a great start to the festival season and it’s only onwards and upwards for the cast and crew from here.

The next performance of “For The Love of Kyle” will be showing at the Murrumba Drama Festival at Mousetrap Theatre at Redcliffe, over the June long weekend.  Check out the Current Shows page for the exact time closer to the date.


What’s this marriage caper? (2007)

A new script has been written for the Golden Glove Productions collection.  The comedy: “I Need A Husband” (1F), written by Kate Beck, is a short monologue ideal for using at auditions or exams.

For copies or details of the script, please contact Golden Glove Productions:


Exciting news: Golden Glove Productions has won their first award for 2007! (2007)

At the ACT QLD Dinner Dance held on the 4th May, Golden Glove Productions was awarded Highly Commended in the category of “Best Poster” for “Cravin’” in 2006. Golden Glove’s Director, Kate Beck, accepted the award (photo below). The ACT Up Awards are in their 2nd year and is a fantastic new venture for ACT QLD to recognise the hard work and originality of theatre groups throughout QLD.

Golden Glove Productions is counting down the days for the world premiere of “For The Love of Kyle”, directed by Laura Chee. It will be showing at Act 1 Theatre at Strathpine at 7:30pm, Friday 25th May. Check out the Current Shows page for more details.